About Big red sun

     BIG RED SUN is a design house that offers landscape, hardscape, and homescape design to residential and commercial clientele. Founded in 1994 by native Austinite Selena Souders, Big Red Sun has been creating modern garden magic and designing unforgettable landscapes, events and interiors, for more than a 20 years for the design minded clientele in Texas and California.

Renowned for the use of restorative, native, and naturalized designs, BIG RED SUN has been featured in numerous publications and established a strong reputation and following in the design world.

The BIG RED SUN name was inspired by Selena’s friend and mentor, Lucinda William’s and her song “Big Red Sun Blues” because the company has proven it’s ability to do a little bit of everything under the sun.


        My gratitude for  being exposed to the worlds of architecture, gardening and interior/exterior design from a very young age is consistent in how I carried all of my experiences forward, in thinking that anything is possible. How a garden, a room or an entire landscape and/or home design comes together is meant to be fluid between indoors and outdoors and the outcome, ultimately, feels more like a home whether for one person or a huge family. When my clients feel the beauty and experience daily the design, placement and hard work my team creates, we know we have been successful.

Having my own experience as a devoted mother, environmental soldier and avid nature lover gives me constant inspiration from every little thing around me on any given day. I am the carpool mom pulled over loading unique stumps, seed pods, palm husks after a storm and other offshoots and natural wonders into the back of my truck to earmark and utilize for upcoming projects. Growing up and having roots in Texas thrilled and exposed me to the elements and challenges of harsh seasons and rough terrain so spreading my tendrils to Venice is the best of both worlds, with the built in bonus of the ocean setting and endless use of succulents and some of my favorite plant species. Loving what i do and getting to do it every day is the reminder to me that despite the hurdles, ALL IS GOOD!


                    Selena Souders with her daughter Ruby Robertson  

                    Selena Souders with her daughter Ruby Robertson