Big Red Sun Rental Rates

Private Events

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 

$450 per hour with 4 hour minimum

$4500 per day


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

$550 per hour with 4 hour minimum

$ 6500 per day


* Maximum guest count 100 people



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday




Saturday and Sunday


* Maximum guest count 100 people

*Client is required to hire a professional, insured day-of wedding coordinator.

Packages Include:

10-hour Site Rental

*Allowing at least one hour for vendor pack down

*With access to the venue 2 hours prior to event time


You will have access to the venue from 1PM until 11PM, hard out for guests and vendors at 11PM. However, the event must end at 10PM giving the vendors one hour for clean up.

Additional Fees & Required Vendor Services

*Site Manager:  $75 per hour (We provide one on-site manager, experienced and trained to oversee your event and make sure everything is functioning properly within the space.)

* Use of onsite kitchen for cooking is an additional $100 per hour

*Janitorial, Cleaning, Moving Fees$150 per hour (Based on size and needs of your event)

*Insurance: All Vendors must be professional, insured, and licensed.

* Parties over 35 guests must rent Luxury Flush or another preferred vendor

New Year's Eve, Holidays, and Festivals

$8000 - $12,000 per day (Daily Rentals only)

Photography Shoots


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

$350 - $650 per hour with 2 hour minimum

For more additional info and inquiries please contact:

(310) 433-0019