Selena Souders


Selena Souders is a rare and accomplished talent in the realm of beautifying spaces. For the past 25 years, she has carefully cultivated her relationship with the natural world by successfully harmonizing her point of view with a vast array of projects that please the senses and also give back to the ecologies of her clients' distinct locales. Her much loved aesthetic is rooted in generations of naturally gifted 'green girls' and in her Botany studies at the University of Texas, Austin. Following that, her hard-earned internship experience at the New York Botanical Gardens inspired her to commit to a gardening for good. In 1994, she launched Big Red Sun, which to this day beautifies and expresses diverse native landscapes from the Texas Hill Country to the coastal communities of Southern California. Currently as CEO, a creative director, story-boarder, installation engineer, botanist, and a loving mother, Selena continues to deliver extraordinary landscapes, hardscapes, and homescapes to those seeking deeper and more meaningful connections to their environment.


“I use anything I can find in nature - on the beach, in a riverbed, in the woods - for my pieces. I have a huge collection of stumps, driftwood, seed pods, bark, dried moss and ferns, antlers and feathers. People should think of their home and garden in an integrated fashion. We try to match out designs with the site and how our clients intend to use their space. My design philosophy, in a nutshell, is structured informality. I love classicism, but also our native plants that have structure and movement, I enjoy the marrying the two.” It is a marriage made in heaven as far as the client is concerned. “The poetry of their landscaping, and the artfully that they handle space provides me with great peace and pleasure,” she says. As with any design process, the chemistry between client and landscape designer is all important."